Maintaining Calm in the time of COVID - 19

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

These are trying times for all of us throughout the whole world. The onset of the pandemic of COVID 19 has baffled us on how to stay calm in an unforeseen scenarios. Many of us trying to understand and predict what it would mean for our and loved ones' future. The sense of unpredictability is scaring us. But this is the time when we all should come together with mutual respect for everything that we all do for each other. By staying positive in thought and by connecting to each other humanely, and finding our essence as human beings. This is the time, when there is only way to move forward that is by staying optimistic , staying hopeful. We are suffering in terms of health - both physical and emotional, in terms of relationships and financially. At this point of time it becomes even more important to get a hold of ourself and of others around us. Helping each other and providing the physical, emotional and moral boost in whatever way we can.

Few things that can help us maintain our mental health are :

1. Accepting that you are feeling down, anxious and depressed. Acceptance of the emotions helps us acknowledge the need and usefulness of the emotion. And thereon move on to find the solutions.

2. Finding something that you enjoy doing ( any productive thing) and doing that your own thing for atleast half an hour of the day. That lets you enjoy the life that you want to live for yourself.

3. Finding sometime to mediate and find your answers. Looking at the problems with a detached mind and finding what you can do about it. One good way is when you think about a problem as if it is happening to your best friend and you have to give your friend a plausible solution.

4. Taking time to physically rejuvenate yourself. Pursuing any physical activity like yoga, joining a friend through video call to do zumba, pushups, or simply stretching yourself. That helps in creating a sense of physical well being.

5. Talking to your loved ones. Listening to them, giving them solutions, sharing a joke, planning simple activities at home.

6. Having nutritious and freshly prepared food daily. At times you might feel like missing it as body might find it problem in settling it's circadian rhythm but maintaining your schedules help you create a healthy body and mind. And eating only till you are 75% full. Not more than that. Make sure you take your daily dose of fresh vegetables and fruits.

These simple things done daily might help us stay positive and healthy. It is important that you do them and take care of ourselves. Only that would enable you to motivate your loved ones similarly and tide over this difficult time.

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